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External battery charger for powerbok

Message #1 - Posted 2004/08/17 - Richard Maine

I'm looking for an external battery recharger for my daughter's 12" powerbook. Extra batteries I can easily find, but I haven't seen a hint of rechargers for them.

Why do I want such a thing, you ask?

I just paid Apple over $600 for a motherboard replacement and I'd just as soon not do that too many more times.

The center pin of the power adaptor plug broke off inside
of the connector on the powerbook. Apple says it isn't covered under warrantee because it is caused by "rough handling" (namely side presure on the adaptor plug while it is plugged it). I think it is a sign of a design flaw for it to be that easy to break a laptop, but am I about to hire a lawyer to contest this? Nope, not me; I'm "not into" lawyers (severe understatement). I also think replacing the motherboard to be a bit extreme, but typical. Anyway...

My thought is that I might establish for my daughter a policy of plugging in the laptop only when it is sitting on a nice stable surface such as a desk.... not for instance, when she is lounging on her bed (which bears much relationship to
a nest - ah 13-year-olds). Since she almost never is just sitting at a desk when using the laptop, I figured that getting an extra battery and separate charger would make this policy more workable. She could be recharging one battery while using another in the laptop.

All of which might be fine...if I could find such a recharger.

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