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External Philips harddisk goes to sleep

Message #1 - Posted 2007/07/10 - Peter Fackelmann

Hi -

here are 2 external harddisks for backup purposes. The one from LaCie runs fine but not the one from Philips.

PSyncX works like this:

1) Scanning Destination Directory

2) Scanning Source Item (and here the Philips harddisk goes to sleep)

3) copying items (this doesn't wake up the harddisk)

The Philips customer service is not interested.

I searched the archives but using the keywords

"external harddisk usb sleep"

didn't yield anything useful.

One could build an Applescript to touch the harddisk every minute, but perhaps there is an easier way?

10.4.9 is told to solve some USB problems - not this one,-)

In the System preferences>Energy saving I didn't mark "Put the harddisk(s) to sleep when possible"*

*The expression may be not exactly translated from my German system.

Thank you in advance


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