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finder freezes on wake-up accessing appleshare

Message #1 - Posted 2003/08/28 - James Meiss

OS 10.2.6, G4, DSL connection

It seems that if I let my computer go into deep sleep with an appleshare volume mounted, that the finder sometimes goes into lala land trying to access the remote volume when I wake the computer up.

In this case, the spinning disk cursor seems to go forever, and as far as I can tell the finder never gives up trying to access the volume. (I've gone away for a half hour or so) The open-save dialogs for all other applications are frozen as well.

Force quiting (restarting) the finder doesn't work. I've even tried to find some process to kill using the terminal...but haven't managed to figure out if this will work.

Does anyone know of a way out of this mess. My only two work arounds are a) Hard rebooting
b) Always try to remember to unmount appleshare servers before going to sleelp.

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