G4 9.1 wake from sleep problem

Eric P. Peterson wrote on :


Here's yet another strange sleep-related issue I've discovered: When I put my sp G4/450 with OS 9.1 to sleep, and then try to wake it up, the desktop appears, but any windows that were open before putting the system to sleep appear as empty, gray background "holes" in the desktop picture, and the Finder unexpectedly quit alert appears. In this state, I have no keyboard or mouse functionality, and am forced to restart using the small button on the G4's face. I use a Macally iKey keyboard and a Kensington Turbo Mouse (software version 5.6). I don't know whether or not the fact that I used ResEdit to hack Sleep, Restart, and Shutdown keyboard shortcuts is the problem, but it's possible, as I enjoyed perfect sleep and wake functionality prior to performing those actions.

Any insights, suggestions, etc. to help correct this behavior would be greatly appreciated! I can provide additional hw/sw information upon request. Please help!

Thanks, Eric