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G4 - Heat

Message #1 - Posted 2006/02/05 - Eric Lindsay

Previously, garyvdh wrote:

I have a 15" G4, just upgraded to 10.4.4. (But this is not the issue at all)

My G4 runs fairly hot. (after half an hour or so) It seems as if the temperature is mostly towards the top of the keyboard and near the bottom of the monitor (if that makes any sense?) and it gets very hot. (nice for winter but it sucks in summer :-) )

The fan does kick in from time to time so it is working. But I find myself wedging a thin book under the back of the G4 to lift it up to get a bit of airflow running through as I feel it is running too hot.

I just would like to find out if this is the norm or should I be getting it in for a checkup?

How about grabbing X Resource Graph and giving us actual temperatures? It is free, and seems to work well.

I mostly don't push my Powerbook hard enough to get the fans all that audible, so it would probably be worthwhile to at least keep an eye on your temperatures.

I found myself a nice little USB powered notebook stand that has twin fans, a camera card reader, and a three port USB hub built in. Says but one of the bulk importers brought it in.

Message #2 - Posted 2006/02/05 - garyvdh

Hi Eric,

Thanks - OK I have downloaded & installed this great piece of software - I will monitor the true temp for a few days and give the feedback in this thread.

Thanks for your time.


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