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G4 iMac disk spin up

Message #1 - Posted 2004/10/04 - Marcus 'Dr' Dee

I replaced the standard hard disk in my iMac with a 160Gb drive. Now it won't boot easily. That is to say, it will boot from CD, and the hard drive is visible, and it will re-start once it is already started. But to boot it from the hard disk takes a little skill and patience. First time I try, it gives me the Disk with Questionmark icon. If I turn it off and back on again quickly, it will boot.

If I zap the pram during startup, it works. But I have a Gyration wireless keyboard, and I can't do this with that in place.

I *think* the problem is that the disk does not spin up fast enough from standstill for the it to be available when the operating system first requests it - making the Mac think there is no hard drive.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Can anyone let me kjnow where i can find a list of compatible drives for an iMac 1GHz desk-lamp, or (best yet) can anyone suggest anything I can do to delay the boot process, so the drive I have will work?


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