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G4 won't wake up. Can't boot

Message #1 - Posted 2003/08/11 - Mike

On 11/8/03 4:46 pm, in article, Richard Blakeslee wrote:

My G4 (twin 1 ghz,512 ram) about 11 months old. It goes to sleep for no reason (when I'm working) and then won't wake up. Push the button, light comes on when you hold it, but no boot. If I disconnect the power and unplug the flatscreen monitor and wait for twenty minutes and try lots of times I can get it to re-boot. Other times it just won't boot after being off for the night. It seems to do somehow with the monitor? Makes no sense. I have it set now to no sleep and leave it running 24/7 It's driving me nuts. Anyone run into this? Thank you for any help.


Have you carried out a PRAM reset, as a final resort press the mini button adjacent to the CPU on the motherboard.

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