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Gigabit Ethernet hardware fails after sleep in OS X

Message #1 - Posted 2002/01/26 - Kevin McMurtrie

I have two Ethernet interfaces on my 867MHz G4. en0 is the motherboard Ethernet. en1 is a 10/100 Asante card with the MacOS X driver. en1 connects to a hub at 100Mb/s for DSL. en0 connects to a Gigabit Ethernet Asante card at 1000Mb/s in a 400MHz B&W G3.

Packet loss on en0 is normally 0% no matter how long I send pings. Sometimes after sleeping, the motherboard Ethernet becomes unreliable. Packet loss hits 45% to 99%, if it works at all. When it's totally dead, executing 'tcpdump -vv -i en0' causes a kernel panic. I've tried restarting, setting the interface to 'down' and 'up', unplugging the cable, and combinations of all that without there being any change. Only powering the machine off fixes the problem and prevents another Kernel panic.

A photo of the G4's Kernel panic is on the G3:

Has anyone seen this? I'm wondering if I should take my machine in for repairs while waranty is still good or if this is more 10.1.2 stupidity, like the sound failing after sleep. I had some packet loss problems under 10.1 but only if I used a patch cable rather than the correct crossover cable.

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