Help - filesharing causing sleep/wake problems

I keep getting the spinning beachball when I try to open or close apps.
d49ot wrote on :
I have an eMac and iBook (both OS 10.2.6) linked with an ethernet cable through a hub and have been filesharing between the two for over a year without any glitches. Now, all of a sudden, I've started having problems on the eMac when I wake it from sleep with filesharing on and volumes mounted from the iBook. I keep getting the spinning beachball when I try to open or close apps. Sometimes force quitting gets me out of this temporarily but the problem just happens again with the next app I launch. Usually I end up having to do a regular or a hard restart, depending on how locked up the system gets. The eMac also takes a long time to go to sleep. Again, I get the spinning beach ball until I click on the mouse and then sleep will happen. The iBook, which is set up identically to the eMac, exhibits neither of these symptoms. I can reliably eliminate the problem on the eMac by dismounting the iBook volumes before putting it to sleep. In the past, I always left these volumes mounted and experienced no problems. I've also experienced some problems with the filesharing preference panel on the eMac. At one point, it turned off the firewall (I connect to the Internet via an Airport base station) and when I tried to turn it on again, I got an error message saying that another firewall was already running and I had to turn it off first. I'm not running any other firewall program, unless Paranoid Android and DefaultApp count as such. I recently installed these programs to deal with the OSX security hole, but I was running them for a couple of days before this sleep problem cropped up on the eMac. Both programs are also installed on the iBook, which does not exhibit any sleep problems. I looked in the preferences folder to see if there was a filesharing preference file I could trash but there doesn't seem to be one. Nor could I find an energy saver preference file. This has me really baffled. Any help would be much appreciated.