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how to wake up external firewire disk

Message #1 - Posted 2004/10/17 - nuk


I have an external ADS FW400 HD enclosure w/ a 40GB disk in it that I had been using w/ Carbon Copy Cloner to do backups of /Users. Used to be that the disk would go to 'sleep' when not in use, and the OS would try to spin it up at the weirdest times (accessing other directories, etc.). Kind of got used to the delay, and forgot about it.

Recently I went to do a manual backup w/ CCC and found that it hadn't been able to do a backup in a loooong time as the volume wasn't available! I thought maybe I'd turned the drive enclosure off, as the spin-up delay had been pretty annoying at times, but the drive PS was on. Cycled the power switch and the drive came up, icon on the desktop, etc. Did the backup, no problem.

Today I checked up on it again, and the dang drive is off again and I have no idea how to 'kick' it short of cycling it off, then back on again (which does work). Kind of interferes w/ the scheduled backup at 0100 though.

Any suggestions or tips?



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