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iBook battery will not charge

Message #1 - Posted 2005/01/22 - Jennifer Mullen

After two weeks of ownership, my iBook G4's battery fails to charge. Here are the symptoms:

* The meter in my menu bar reads "0%", and the time shows "Calculating... until full".
* There is no green (battery is charging) or amber (battery is charged) light on my power adapter when I plug it in (IOW, no light at all). * When I push the button on the battery, it blinks the first light rapidly.
* My laptop immediately goes to sleep, but does not power off, if I pull the power. Apparently, the battery does have some residual charge.

I have tried zapping PRAM, reset-nvram and reset-all from open firmware, and resetting the PMU. I can't find anything in Apple's KB about this issue, but did find this article in Apple's discussions:

I will try another power adapter and battery at work on Monday, then call Apple if there's no joy. I haven't seen this problem before; anything else I should try before deciding that something is defective?

Jennifer Mullen

Message #2 - Posted 2005/01/23 - pailface88

I don't have any ideas for you, but I wanted to point out that "green" means charged and "amber" means charging. Perhaps you know this and simply confused the two.

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