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iBook G4 can't load Battery in suspend mode?

Message #1 - Posted 2004/02/28 - Harald Schober


My problem with a G4 iBook is, that I can't load the battery while lid closed. When I shut down the computer it is possible. But in suspend mode the machine loops in a reboot / fall asleep mode.

The situation is: the iBook is running and shows me a low battery. So I plug the power connector in and after a few minutes I decide to stop working on the book while the battery is still loading. So I just close the lid. First, the iBook behaves as usual: it falls asleep and the light on the front starts flashing. But after 10 sec. it seems to "weak up" (you can hear the harddrive work and the Apple logo lights up) but immediately falls asleep again, weaks up, ... a loop. Without battery loading, the iBook falls asleep as it should and stays until I open the lid.

Yet I found no solutions. I don't even know whether it's the iBook or OS X Panther.
I also tried the power reset as described on the Apple support page but without any effect.


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