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iBook + OS X sleep problems

Message #1 - Posted 2001/05/06 - Tim May

Previously, Charles Martin wrote:

Previously, Tim May wrote:

Later that evening, I reached for the iBook and the entire bottom was very hot to the touch. Much hotter than it gets even when it's turned on and crunching, let alone when it's sleeping.

We see this "problem" on the iBook list a lot. It is usually caused by a slightly curved keyboard being pressed by the lid -- enough to put the iBook into a constant cycle of waking and sleeping until it lapses into a coma.

Resetting the Power Manager would be the right thing to do if you ever have this happen again, but what will prevent it from happening again is to gently flex the keyboard (GENTLY!!) until you are sure the lid is closing and the iBook is safely asleep (the pulsing light).

Good suggestion. I actually had to do this "gentle bend" (sounds like a bear) flexing when I first got my iBook. The keyboard metal sheet had enough of a warp that the whole thing was jiggling up and down when I typed. I thought I had a lemon until I read on one of the newsgroups that this was a common problem, fixable by gently flexing.

I just hadn't thought that this might be the cause of the problem I'm seeing now, because it happened after I started using OS X a lot.

Of course, I've also been using the "instant sleep, instant wake" feature a lot more than before, so this would tend to make such problems show up more often.

(And, speculating wildly, maybe something in the OS X sleep implementation makes it more likely to get into this cycle of waking and sleeping.)

I now try to visually check that the sleep LED is pulsing.

But I'll also see if I need to "flex" the keyboard again.

--Tim May

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