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iMac DV SE won't wake from sleep. Help!

Message #1 - Posted 2001/01/30 - WickedDyno

Previously, Brian Barjenbruch wrote:

Ever since I updated to OS 9.1, I can't get my iMac DV SE to wake from
sleep. I have the Energy Saver control panel installed. Do I need any
other files to get the computer to wake up? It goes to sleep just fine, but when I try to wake it up, the power button turns green but nothing else happens, and I have to unplug and re-plug the power cord to unfreeze the system...

What you need to do is to launch the Energy Saver control panel (and have it
active at all times in the system folder), and adjust the 'go to sleep automatically after xx time' to whatever. Then quit the control panel.

I already tried that, and it didn't work.

Although I found out the problem: For some unknown reason, I have to have that 'Multiprocessing' folder (and the 'Apple CPU Plugins' file inside it), otherwise the iMac won't wake from sleep. I have no idea why; I mean, my iMac only has one processor, and it's a G3 at that! What does it need with Multiprocessing anything?

OS 9 and later use routines in the MP libraries. MP threads are multi-tasked preemptively, so they overcome the limitations of the MacOS's old-fashioned multi-tasking. Basically, you need them in there.


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