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iPod battery - what happens when it dies? and Data Transfer.

Message #1 - Posted 2005/01/06 - Nigel

Ok, so I've more or less decided I've got to get an iPod (40 Gig probably) and I've read up on a lot of reviews ( but I do have a concern about the battery. Lots of people are saying that it must run down eventually - when?, and what happens then - will Apple be replacing them or offering a replaceable one? Will it be covered on an extended warranty?
Hey, if this is nothing to worry about tell me that too!!!


By the way, anyone using this to transfer large amounts of data? I was thinking of getting a portable hard drive, but my average data transfer need is probably going to be about 10 Gigs a shot, and with a 40 Gig iPod I'm sure I can just make do with only 6,000 songs... Is there any quirks to transferring data, I'd be doing this probably once or twice a week - is there any performance loss etc.

Thanks again...


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Message #2 - Posted 2005/01/06 - BJS
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