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iPod Nano battery doesn't last long anymore - replace battery or replace the iPod?

Message #1 - Posted 2007/05/06 - holland.chris

I bought a black iPod 4GB nano as soon as they were launched.

The battery no longer retains its charge - I get like an hour or two before the battery symbol goes red. It sometimes goes green again (without being charged)

So, do I try and replace the battery or just buy a new Nano?

I have used it very heavily, but I don't want to just throw 4GB of flash memory away.

I suppose I could use it like a 4GB flash drive (If I 'enable disk use') - that wouldn't even require a battery.

Message #2 - Posted 2007/05/06 - Jon

<holland.chris wrote:

So, do I try and replace the battery or just buy a new Nano?

Entirely dependent on the price of new batteries (and possibly the job of changing it) where you live, I'd say. As you imply the memory itself is good, I would at least check around. I would guess somewhere around 30£ - that would correspond roughly with the ex VAT price in Scandinavia, including the job. If so, worth it? I'd say yes. --
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