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iSub subwoofer 'disconnects' after sleep mode

Message #1 - Posted 2003/09/22 - Kent Clarke

Previously, El Capitan wrote:

Hello, one more problem for the audience to solve...

Recently upgraded my 15" iMac flatpanel to OSX.2.6 from OS 9.2 Things seem to be OK, except for occasional kernel panics and the spinning beach ball of death.

Often, though, when coming out of sleep mode (mostly after Mac sleeps for more than 2-3 hours) the iSub subwoofer quits working. It no longer shows up in the sound control panel, and I have to reach back in the mess of cables, unplug the iSub power cable & USB connector, then reattach to get it to work again.

I've had a few issues with sound on this Mac. Under OS 9, I would periodically get messages on bootup that "the device plugged into speaker jack could not be recognized" and have to unplug & replug the Apple Pro speakers for the message to go away. Also, the total sound volume under OSX seems much softer than OS 9. I've got to have the sound slider bar up halfway to get the same decibel level that I got under OS 9 with the slider bar set to 1/3.

Any ideas? I'd like to think that OSX does not cause partial deafness, and sleeping causes iSubs to take a vacation.

What port is your iSub plugged in to? If it's on a hub, try putting it directly into the iMac, or try rearranging your other USB devices. iSubs do seem to be fussy sometimes about what bus they're on and how much power they get from the bus. But they're worth it, eh?

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