leaving computer running ?

can i leave it on all the time ? even over night ?
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i m going 2 get a emac how long do i leave it on ? can i leave it on all the time ? even over night ? do i turn it off nights an turn it on again in morning ? do i turn it on when i need it an turn it off when i m done ?

i heard if i turn it on an off too often that it causes unnecessary stress on stuff cuz of heating an cooling an expansion an contraction

i would like 2 leave it on all the time but i dont know if i should

My iBook G3 bought in 1997 has been on 24/7 since, only turn off for thunderstorms.

Now selling it, works perfectly, no pixel burnout, I don't use the power saver.

I am currently running a Toshiba Notebook, iBook, Mac G4 desktop and a Dell desktop, all run 24/7.

Just a note. Nearly ALL computer electronic problems are due to repeated COLD starts. Componets are cold and are hit with a surge, not a problem most of the time, but if something is weak, the cold start will cause failure.