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mac asks to shutdown after being idle for a while

Message #1 - Posted 2008/04/28 - pendolino

i have checked all my preference pane settings including energy saver and so far am stumped about why my macbook running leopard always tries to shutdown and is only prevented by the safety check dialogs that are thrown up by some applications asking to quit.

after a while the system simply cancels logout but i can see that it has been trying to shut down. i have checked the console logs and otherwise and cannot find exactly what this is related to.

note that i do not think this is a hardware related issue since i just switched from a one week old macbook with the exact same specs that was having display problems (replaced free of charge by - great service). i used the migration assistant to move over to this brand new slick macbook (black).

the problem was noticed on both machines but on my earlier (also black) macbook that was running tiger i had never seen this before.

is this some leopard quirk? any ideas?

note that it never actually shutdown although it tries to once every night since i leave my computer on overnight.

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