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Mac Mini cooling fan

Message #1 - Posted 2006/08/25 - TT

Lately my Mac Mini's cooling fan seems to be increasing in speed as the computer seems to be more at rest. I have a couple of applications idling, and yet the computer sounds like it's thinking really hard. Once I start engaging it in tasks, the fan slows down. i would expect the opposite to be happening. Any ideas what's going on?

Can't comment on the above but since the bottom of the Mini is a heatpad and there is a thermal pad conducting heat from the motherboard to the bottom, it would make sense, I think, to raise the bottom off the mounting surface a bit. I've raised mine about 1/3 of an inch. Then I tried running it on its side. That seems to work well. Also tried running it on its end which should be the best way. Lots of ventilation to the bottom and the fan pushes the heat up. Make sure you anchor it so it doesn't get knocked over when on.

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