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Mac puts my monitor to sleep @ startup!

Message #1 - Posted 2003/05/27 - quimbus

My Monitor goes to sleep when I startup the Mac. Won't wake up.

Sony Multiscan15sf (with 15-pin VGA Plug)
G4 Yikes! (Has 15-pin VGA looking output on a PCI card) OS9.2.2 and X.2.6- doesn't matter which one.

After I zap the pram, the apple logo and spinning pill-disc will show up. The monitor goes blank to powersave when the Startup progress bar screen should show up.

The monitors cord fits, but is the video being sent out not compatible?

Also, Starting up from the bootable OSX CD works fine, and the monitor stays on!

Any help or insight is appreciated.

-Mr. Duff

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