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MacBook power adapter...

Message #1 - Posted 2008/02/29 - Danny Thompson

On 29 Feb, 10:40, flavio_Flavio Matani wrote:

I've looked for a third party -there seems to exist one, but it ends up costing within a couple of pounds of the Apple one and does not look any different, so it probably has the same weakness. Does anybody know any different/ know of a third party one?

Had to buy another power adaptor for a PB G4 17" a couple of months ago. The third in four years.

I did research third-party ones, but like you found that the savings weren't great, and that there were potential problems with them not supplying enough power to charge and run the laptop at the same time.

If I'd had the time I'd consider the Sale of Goods Act route. But I ended up just paying for a new Apple one.


Message #2 - Posted 2008/02/29 - Andrew Stephenson

Previously "Flavio Matani" writes:

.. this is an old perennial, the issue of very thin cables fraying and eventually splitting and shorting where the lead joins the body of the, in this case, MacBook power adapter. [...]

It's strange that They cannot get this right, when a reasonable solution was discovered decades ago, in the form of wire strain relievers. The wire doesn't merely erupt from the main box via a grommet, the grommet forms a tube whose flexibility increases as one moves away from the box. This is achieved in many ways, commonly by thinning the tube wall, or by moulding in points to let it flex. It's not even Rocket (ie, steam engines) science. Of course, having a cable of decent construction also helps. --
Andrew Stephenson

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