OS 9.1 Monitor Sleep Problem

hansont wrote on :

After checking all the sources (macintouch, etc.) about 9.1 I decided it was worth the upgrade... faster and no big problems other people experienced.

So I downloaded the 9.1 update (as, DSL), and upgrade in place (I know.. I know)--- the system seemed to update fine. Restart... extensions loaded and... snore--- the monitor goes to sleep immediately.. I can even hear the last few apps starting up but the monitor is fast asleep--- I click the mouse, hit the keyboard--- nothing brings the monitor back..

I restart with extensions off--and can see my system... trash the energy saver prefs ... restart... wakes up and goes to sleep again-- even with energy saver extension diabled. Once in a while, when starting, I click the mouse and am able to keep it awake during the startup sequence--- the monitor then stays awake until I reboot...

Any help?!?! Anyone else seen this?

Its a B&W G3 with 128MB

thanks, -tch

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