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OSX screensaver wakeup

Message #1 - Posted 2001/08/28 - zoara

Steven Fisher wrote:

"zoara" <not@all.valid> wrote in message news:1ey4poh.yi5c5b1cayujiN%not@all.valid...

Steven Fisher wrote:


Uh huh. I was only using the screensaver because that was the easiest way to lock the computer (without logging out etc). I'd be surprised if *any* monitor got burn in these days...

Ah. Same reason I was using it. :)
If you find a better alternative to locking, please post details on it.

There's something for OS9 (can't remember the name) but I haven't found anything for OSX. I'll post if/when I do...

What I really want is on-demand locking, like Windows NT/2000 have.

Me too.... with the configurable "lock after x minutes of inactivity" as well. Even better would be to also have "lock after x minutes/hours of sleep"...

<snip other stuff that I can't really add comment to>


-- Windows has detected a random error. This error
-- occurs once in a while. Please wait.

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