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Other ways to turn off a 6500 than special ->shut down?

Message #1 - Posted 2005/08/03 - SlickRCBD

Is there a key sequence that causes a PowerMac 6500 to power down immediately as if one of the old fashioned switchs had been flipped?

Earlier today, I had a friend over. I had asked him to grab something from a cabinet located in a hutch over my 6500's keyboard. At the time, he made a comment about the rain and if it would stop, so I decided to flip on the TV tuner card installed in the 6500 (main reason I keep it around). I have the hotkey feature set up to require ALL the modifier keys to turn on the TV in order to prevent accidental activation. I was just starting to press down the keys when he knocked something down from the cabinet that hit the reset/power button. I'm not sure which modifier keys I had held down, but to my surprise the computer promptly turned off instead of presenting me with a dialog box or rebooting. By turning off, I mean it promptly turned off, do not display the shutdown dialog, do not shut down properly. It was as if I flipped a power switch or pulled the plug.

What keys did I hit to cause that, or was it some kind of fluke? I'd rather not experiment due to the wear/tear on the old power suppily and the improper shutdowns that would result if I replicate it, but it would be nice to know.

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