Outlook crashing Classic when system sleeps

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Somehow or another, I got it on good authority that TrueBlue (the Unix geeks' name for Classic environment) runs with about half your available RAM, maximum. Aside from making absolutely sure your Outlook version is the latest there is (good old Mactopia can help there, as can www.versiontracker.com), you may want to consider booting once into Classic and turning VM off (or on if it's off already, and set the level to the amount of your real RAM plus 1 MB). Out of the two perennial Net software freebies from Microsoft, one (IE) loves Mac Virtual Memory and one (OE) could just as well do without it. TrueBlue shares the VM swap-file scheme used by OS X, and what might be happening is: OE is choking out on the ever-running virtual memory used in OS X and delivered via Classic.

Sleep modes -- back in Classic (when I was, for a time, a paid advice giver with the sanction of both Apple and a major retailler whose name we shall not repeat here), the conventional wisdom for avoiding issues in all versions of Outlook was to disable anything having to do with Palm sync or LDAP in the Prefs, Tools and Options windows. Also check to see that OE has the chops to wake your system up when necessary -- in OS X that's System Preferences>Energy Saver pane>Options tab> ... click on both Wake Options boxes. The process is similar in the Energy Saver control panel in OS 9.x. If OE needs a woken Mac to get mail, then it should be able to wake it to do so.

It's also possible your OE is running face-on into some other elemet or app in Classic or OS X that does its thing on a schedule (like TimeSync/Network Time or iCal's Reminder feature).

Hope this was helpful.

Steve Wright

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I recently moved to OS X and am running Outlook in classic. Frequently when my laptop goes to sleep I wake it to find that Outlook has crashed along with Classic. Are there any settings that I can change to stop this from happening?