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Panther Freezing upon waking up: Hardware problem?

Message #1 - Posted 2004/05/08 - Whitney

I have a 600 MHz G3. Apple has just replaced the hard drive. I installed Panther. Now when it wakes up, the hard drive makes a "sick" clanking sound it never used to before. Sometimes, everything will freeze up. I have to take off the battery and start up in single user mode to reboot, it's the only way! Has anyone else heard of this problem? (None of my other Mac friends have) If anyone out there thinks it's my hardware, please send me your thoughts. This is a cursed laptop that was DOA when I first took it out of its box. Apple has replaced the logic board twice and now the hard drive. My laptop ran Panther fine until problems with iTunes led to replacing the hard drive.

I am greatful for any light anyone can shed upon this problem.

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