PCI USB 2.0 IOGear card & Sleep issues

Once rebooted & removed iPod it WILL SLEEP & WAKE okay.
morenuf wrote on :

I got it working with SLEEP but discovered an issue with the iPod.

I just installed a PCI USB 2.0 IOGear 5 port card in this G4 QuickSilver:

G4 933 2002 model Tiger 10.4.2 1GB RAM PCI SCSI card 2930CU

This G4 runs perfectly, and while I lost automatic DEEP SLEEP more than a year ago (Jag or Panther not sure) it would manually go to SLEEP even with the SCSI card.

On installing the IOGear card all seemed okay until I hooked up a 4thGen iPod and even tho the iPod was dismounted (but still connected via the IOGear USB 2.0 card) when I put the G4 to SLEEP manually the display blanked but G4 remained on & running and did not SLEEP and worse, it would not WAKE up & had to POWER Button 5 sec to get it OFF.

Subsequent experimenting it seems if iPod is connected mounted or ejected but still connected via the PCI USB 2.0 IOGear card it will not SLEEP & won't WAKE. Only way out is to POWER Button 5 sec route. Once rebooted & removed iPod it WILL SLEEP & WAKE okay.

Obviously, I won't ever SLEEP this G4 with an iPod connected again.

Is this normal for IOGear or other PCI USB 2.0 cards?

======= Main reason I put in the USB 2.0 card is I bought a 5th Gen iPod Video for my daughter for Christmas (not opened yet or even checked it out yet) and that iPod Video will sync ONLY via USB not Firewire as my older 4th Gen iPod would do.

Main music MP3 library is on this G4 mac so it seemed best to install a USB 2.0 card in it.

I know some added hardware peripherals will not allow DEEP SLEEP. At least this PCI card will work if no iPod is actually connected.

Thanks for comments in advance.