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pismo falls asleep slowly

Message #1 - Posted 2005/02/02 - jherrman

I have a pismo G3 powerbook, running OS X 10.3.7, with no peripherals attached. 320mb ram, original 10gb hard drive.

As of a few days ago, this machine takes one to five minutes to fall asleep. If I select ``sleep'' from the apple menu, the screen immediately goes black, but the power light takes a few minutes to start pulsing. During that time, the machine is completely unresponsive, that is to say, it won't wake up. I imagine I can hear a very faint high-pitched sound that disappears once the light does start pulsing. After the light begins to pulse it wakes up as normal if a key is pressed.

The machine is four years old and has its original PRAM battery. Might that be the culprit; or perhaps a failing hard drive? Other ideas?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.


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