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Power failure on my powerbook

Message #1 - Posted 2006/07/13 - Veera Venkataramani

I have a 15" powerbook.

Two months ago the powerbook fell from my table to the floor. It landed on the power cable connector, smashing it. The power cable was useless.

I bought a replacement cable and the powerbook was working just fine.

However, last night the powerbook wouldnt charge anymore. I simply shut down the laptop and took it to the apple store today.

A guy working there took the laptop inside the store and then returned with the horrible message that because of the dent, the power connector cannot charge the battery anymore. He recommended an Apple merchant that charges $89/hour for labour.

Id like to hear advice on how to solve this problem; is there a cheaper solution? If I fix an appt with the Genius Bar, will I pay less than $89/ hour?


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