Powerbook 540C Clock/sleep Battery???

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Thanks for the input. The best I can find sez:

"Carefully unplug the wires from the spot it's plugged into. "

Since I don't have a battery, It ain't plugged into nowhere, so I don't know where to plug it. There may be an intermediated mezanine board between the main logic board and the place to plug the battery. I don't have that either. Need to talk to someone who has actually replaced the battery.

Thanks, mike

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I have what I think is a powerbook 540C. It's built into a kiosk, so I can't be exactly sure. Near as I can tell, the clock/sleep battery is a 6V external one with a 3-pin connector that plugs onto the logic board. I'd like to add the battery so the clock will keep time. There's no obvious place to plug the battery on the logic board. There are some multi-pin connectors, but I have no additional boards, only the main board. (well, there's the display and backlight inverter) Ideas on where to connect the clock/sleep battery? Thanks, mike

take a look at: http://www.academ.com/info/macintosh/

There's a link from there to a PB battery info site. See also:



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