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Powerbook G3 Pismo Help

Message #1 - Posted 2005/02/16 - cwhite2812

Hi all,

A client brought me a black Powerbook G3 which I believe is a Pismo because of the bronze keyboard and reset switch near the modem jack. It does not power up at all and the green led doesn't even turn on. I have tried several different batteries and ac adapters (all of which worked on other powerbooks) so I have narrowed it down to the laptop itself.

I have tried all combinations of power adapters and batteries in and out with no change in behavior.

The power jack itself is not loose and when I plug the power cable in and put my hear close to the keyboard I can hear a very high pitched whine that goes away if I pull the plug out.

I have reseated the daughter card (no change).

I suspect the PRAM battery, but am unable to verify whether this no-start condition (you'd think the led would light up), is sympotmatic of this. I'm hoping I can find a PRAM battery locally.

Any suggestions? I'm a hardware gut so dissassembling it further to repair it (if parts are reasonable $$) doesn't phase me, but I'd like to make sure I'm barking up the wrong tree before I break out the tools.


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