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Powerbook / iBook PSU

Message #1 - Posted 2004/02/14 - SteveH

Due to some major abuse from my wife, I'm now desperately in need of a PSU for a Pismo / Clamshell iBook (not worried if it's the 'yoyo' type or earlier brick) - somehow she's managed to kill 2 in 2 weeks - by knocking the plug on the edge of the coffee table.

At the moment we're sharing the remaining working unit out of 3, but I go away again on Monday until Weds, so she has no means of charging up her battery whilst I'm away. (I'll probably fully charge hers overnight and leave her a charged spare, too).

Anyway - where am I going to get a replacement _quickly_? (we're in Milton Keynes and don't have an Apple Centre here)


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