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Problems with IPOD mini battery :-((((

Message #1 - Posted 2005/04/30 - Robert Mitchum


I have got a brand new ipod mini (the 4GB model) and it looks like I have problems in battery recharge.
I took care in charging it completely the first time, as suggested.

Now, when I charge it, the battery charge indicator turns to "charged" after a couple of hours. Nevertheless, after few minutes of run, the battery charge indicator shows only a 20% level of battery charge left, despite it keeps playing for few hours (say 3/4) before giving up.

The apple website states that the ipod requires roughly one houre to fully charge when connected to a "high power" USB 2.0. I definitely have USB 2.0 plugs on my PC (an HP Pavilion zd8000EA) but how do I recognise if the USB port is an "high power"?

Thanks in advance for your help


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