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replaced 3G iPod battery....

Message #1 - Posted 2005/05/23 - randj

Hi Y'all:
Just replaced the battery in my 3G iPod with one from Other World Computing that wifey brought back from US. Not an experience I would like to repeat: Cracking the case open was a real b*stard--the supplied tools were pretty useless. Made of soft plastic so they won't mutilate the case, but the tips break off inside the case--**that's** the point of no return!
I think it took an hour of patient swearing to finally crack the case open (with the aid of a small flat blade driver), the rest was easy. Had to use a pair of pliers to bend the case back into shape :-(( A tip for anyone contemplating this: make sure the iPod is off and **locked** so before snapping the case back together, ensure that the lock switch is in the lock position.
I'll post later about whether it was worth it. I was getting about 3hrs out of the standard battery.

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