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Replacing back up battery in G4 PB which wont recognise ethernet cable

Message #1 - Posted 2008/08/13 -

I have an apparently working 1 GHz Powerbook G4. I took the Airport Express card out of it to lend to my offspring. Now the G4 wont recognise that any ethernet cable is connected to it at all. Port isn't damaged, the cable just isn't recognised.

Tried power reset, C-O-P-R, moving eth to first place in Leopard Network list, and am out of ideas. The date and time do however revert to 1967 whenever I leave the computer for a few days so I thought this might be a backup battery. Apple says it is a button one on the circuit board but somehow it defies googing on the 12. inch model?? (or I am using the wrong term for what is called the PRAM battery on the 15 inch). Does anyone know what battery this is and how to replace it on a 12.2 inch G4? (and whether it can have any effect on whether the Ethernet cable is seen or not?)

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