SeaMonkey and sleep mode, with OSX

Sometimes the machine wakes back up before I even leave the room
Geoff Welsh wrote on :

preface: I use SeaMonkey (SM), the continuation of the abandoned Mozilla Suite.

post: Any Mac OSX SM users have problems with their machine staying asleep?

I rarely ever turn my iMac G5 off, I just put it to sleep. SM is ALWAYS running. Sometimes the machine wakes back up before I even leave the room, sometimes I go away for an hour and come back and the machine is awake with just the screen asleep. This has been going on since maybe January (I do every OSX update the week it comes out and every SM one also).

I recently started quitting SM, and the problem seems to have gone away. I know there's only a few OSX guys that read this group, could you try duplicating my problem, or verifying if you are already "sleep prone non-quitters"? ;-)

GW SM 1.1.2 on OSX 10.4.10 on both iMac G5, and PowerBook G4 ps I used to have a problem where if I clicked "get messages" too soon after waking the machine up (i.e. network conn not reestablished yet) SM would crash the whole User Account. I'd have to log-out, log-in. That has either gone away or I finally learned to count to ten in my head before clicking anything.