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Secondary hard drive sleep problems - running Jaguar 10.3.2

Message #1 - Posted 2004/04/11 - Michael

I just installed a secondary hard drive into my g4(120gb seagate). I am running Jaguar 10.3.2. The problem is comming out of sleep mode. If I catch the computer right after it goes to sleep everything works fine. However, if it has been asleep for longer then 5-10 minutes and the hard drives spin down, on wake-up my second hard drive does not wake-up. It will if I open it, or an appilcation trys to grab a file, but it takes like 30-45 seconds. Also if I am burning a cd or dvd drive and my hard drive goes to sleep it promptly creates a coaster.

I have tried setting the engery-saver setting to never put my hard-drive to sleep, but that didn't seem to work.

I've googled this a bit, but with no avail. Any suggestions?



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