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Sleep kicks in when I'm busy!

Message #1 - Posted 2002/01/18 - Stan The Man

My G4/9.2.2 Powerbook, which previously was behaving itself, has suddenly developed a habit of going to sleep without notice even when I am keeping the system busy. This is despite the fact that my Energy Saver has always been set Never to put the HD to sleep. I only permit screen dimming - but these sudden fadeouts have been deep, black sleeps. I have trashed the Energy Saver prefs and wait to see if this helps, but would be interested to know what has caused the problem.

I didn't even know that Sleep could terminate processes. An hour ago, I was checking my email and in full flow when the lights went out. My connection was terminated as the Sleep kicked in. When I brought the machine back to life, a Finder message told me that ARA had been "disconnected by the Sleep command". Is this normal?

This very recent behaviour coincided with two things - I only today got the machine back from Apple who were checking out the fan noise and had had it on a full 24 hour test cycle. And the first thing I did with it when it came back was install the new Airport 2.0.1 software update. ROM had previuosly been updated to 4.2.9.


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