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Sleep/TCP/Lost Interent

Message #1 - Posted 2003/12/18 - Ron Thoma

When I come out of sleep mode (which I want to continue using) I lose my internet connection and my TCP/IP control panel loses all it's addresses.

My TCP control panel window says I'm connected
via the Ethernet.
Configure: Using DHCP Server
Then automatically when I boot up, the system reads my cable modem and automatically fills in the IP address and the Subnet, etc.

Now whenever I go into sleep mode and awake the system my IP address is blank and so is the Subnet and so on. I have to do a restart and everything is fine.

This never happened in the past when coming out of sleep mode. I've trashed the TCP, System and Finder preferences files but nothing matters.
I have also disabled the Energy Saver control panel.

I've gone into the TCP control panel and made TCP 'Active.' I've tried everything.

I have to reboot everytime.
I have a 667 G4 with over 1ghz of memory and am running OS 9.1. Anybody know what's going on?

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