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Slow to wake after OS X 10.4.5

Message #1 - Posted 2006/03/13 - gage.junk

After installing OS X 10.4.5, my old G4/400/AGP is slow to wake, taking 35 seconds before coming to life. Repairing permissions, repairing disk, and system check all show nothing out of the ordinary. Activity monitor will function during this period, but doesn't indicate anything abnormal in the way of disk activity, CPU, or memory during the 35 seconds. This delay happens whether there are applications running or not. I trashed the powermanagement.plist, thinking it might be corrupted, but that didn't help.

My iBook G4 also has OS 10.4.5, similar applications, in a similar environment, but wakes up in less than 5 seconds.

What would OS X 10.4.5 be doing on a G4/400 after wakeup that locks the system for 35 seconds? Is there a way to spy on the system activity during that 35 seconds and hopefully point me to the culprit?


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