Sonnett G3 upgrade & bad Sleep

harmon wrote on :

I just put the Sonnet G3 333MHz/1MB backside cache into my PB1400. I'm running 8.6. Everything seems to work fine except for the Sleep function.

When the PB goes into Sleep mode, the green light flashes as usual. But when I go to wake the PB by pressing the space bar, which is my normal way of waking it & worked fine before, the PB does not wake & the green light goes out. Neither does the on/off key work, either to wake the PB in the first instance, or to restart it if I've tried to wake it using the space bar. I have to use the reset button to reboot. this a known problem with a fix? Can someone advise me how to correct it, or point me to a source I can use to figure out how to wake the PB?

And as long as I'm at it, can anyone advise me how to optimize the performance of this PB now that the Sonnet upgrade is in - do I have to do anything to make the cache work properly, for instance?

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