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Temp range for iMac G5?

Message #1 - Posted 2004/12/22 - Just Jim

I have a 20" iMac G5. I really love the machine but, while I'm not getting the horrible noise that's been reported elsewhere -- the whine or the racing jet engine or the vacuum cleaner from hell -- my fan(s) can be more noticeable than I'd like, especially when I'm trying to work without music on (and especially given the "whisper quiet" hype).

I figgered the sound of the fan was related to the need to cool the innards so I installed Temperature Monitor.

When I "push" the machine with some labor intensive apps (with processor setting at "Highest"), Temp Monitor shows me the Max Temp for the CPU has hit 167.5F and the HD has gotten as hot as 131.9F.

Anybody know if those are in the acceptable range? I haven't gotten anything helpful by calling tech support or by using that silly new "chat" website -- they just say "Bring it in to a service provider. . ."

Thanks in advance.

And happy holidays!

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