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Temperature in a Lombard

Message #1 - Posted 2004/08/27 - Merlin

Has anyone experience, please, with an overheating Lombard? Or can someone please point me at a good source on the net? One of the temperature measuring programs reports that there are no temperature sensors ....

When mine is cold it seems to run fine but as soon as it starts to heat up I seem to get increasingly frequent random freezes, kernal panics, shut-downs, etc.

I have recenty been doing some upgrades and I notice that there is a white compound on the processor presumably designed to improve the thermal contact between the processor and the heat sink. I am wondering whether age and / or repeated opening of the machine to do upgrades might have resulted in the heatsink no longer being in good (enough) contact with the processor. Anyone know what this white compound is, how / whether it should be replaced, and with what?



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