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TiBook 667 DVI crash on wakeup?

Message #1 - Posted 2008/01/23 - analogueteacher

I've just got my hands on a 667 TiBook, refurbished it with a 160GB Hitachi HD and 1 GB of RAM, and I am currently running OS 10.4.11. Every now and then, upon wakeup from sleep, the machine will freeze. This seems to me to happen more often when it=B4s running off of it=B4s battery alone, but sometimes even with the ac plugged.
When i open the screen, it will light up, I can toggle between apps (apple+tab) as well as move the mouse, but as soon as I attempt to activate an apllication I can hear the HD spin up, and everything, except the mouse will freeze. I=B4ve even had a frozen image of my widgets halfway visible all over my screen. Is this some evidence of some rusty hardware?

I sometimes experience the machine having difficulties with booting up. Then the background will appear, but the dock will remain lurking just below the area of the monitor. Coincidence? Hardly? Anyone with a good idea out there?


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