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UPS recommendations wanted

Message #1 - Posted 2005/03/14 - Andy Dannelley

I recently had a problem caused by a power outage and I would like ot aviod a repeat of it. It seems that we had a power failure and my iMac G5 had to be coaxed back to life. Luckely I had DiskWarrior all set to go for just a contengeny, and I was able to recover **most** of my info, fortunatley what was lost was not too important. I now have a bootable backup of my drive (bought a new FW HD just for this) and (as is my custom) I backup important stuff whenever Imake a change.

What I would like is a UPS at would operate just long enough to allow my iMacG5 time to do an ordely shutdown... Which brings me to my question...

I have heard thatere are some UPS (s) that have a USB out to signal the compuer that a power failure has occurred, and seems to me that the indication could be used issue a "Shutdown" command so the computer would have time to do an orderly shutdown. I read some info on the APC site, and it seems that maybe some of their UPS (s) would do it, but I can't tell from the available info.

So... I'm asking for recommendations on devices, model numbers or places where I can research the info for myself, hopefully the info will be a little more descriptive than what I found on the APC site.

Thanks ever so much,


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