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Wallstreet Power Problems Help!

Message #1 - Posted 2006/01/05 - David Anderson

A friend of mine tripped on the power supply cord of my Wallstreet and knocked it a short distance to a carpeted floor. Since then, I've been having problems with it.

I'm running OS 10.2.8

First, it would charge the battery and run off the battery, but would not run directly from the power supply.

I opened the computer up, removed the Power Input/Audio Board and resoldered the power plug, something I've had to do before. I have top-notch soldering skills and use anti-static precautions. Resoldering the plug didn't help, but I did find one large surface mount resistor with a cracked solder joint, which I fixed.

Now, it will run off the power supply or off the battery, but it will not charge the battery!

I guess I need to figure out which of the three boards I need to try to replace: the Power Input/Audio Board, the PMU board, or the Charging Board.

Which is the most likely culprit to start with? Or may it have been a cascade failure that messed up multiple board?



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