wireless keyboard/mouse wakes computer?

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Well, it's the mouse's fault. The keyboard isn't able to wake up the system at all but if you so much as move the mouse a twinge it'll wake up. I guessyou have to make positive that the mouse can't be nudged even slightly and I bet everything will be ok.

I'm sure the mouse wasn't moved. I was away from the computer and no one else uses this machine. I did check the Energy Saver control panel again and found I had "wake up for network administrative access" checked. I unchecked it to see what would happen. The one time I left the machine asleep since then, it was still asleep when I got back. But that's only one data point and I hadn't left it asleep as long as the other times. I'll see what happens. This is annoying.

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Since this never happened before I got the new keyboard/mouse, I can only assume they are causing this. I had a Macally wireless keyboard on my Cube under 9.2 and under no circumstances would it sleep. Macally support insisted it worked with the Cube. They sent me a second unit and still no sleepy-bye. Returned it for a refund.

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