Chapter 2. Getting Started

Welcome to Sleep Monitor. Let's walk through how to install Sleep Monitor and start auditing your Mac's energy and power state.

Installing Sleep Monitor

Sleep Monitor is a Mac application. The application contains everything you need to get started.

[Note] Back Up Before Installing New Software

Remember to back up your Mac before installing Sleep Monitor. You must always back up before installing any new software on your Mac. If something should go wrong, or if you experience problems, a recent back up is essential to returning your Mac to a known state.

Downloading Sleep Monitor

To install Sleep Monitor, you need a copy of the latest Sleep Monitor distribution from DssW. The latest distribution is free to download from the DssW web site.

Visit the following page and the latest Sleep Monitor distribution will automatically begin downloading:

The distribution file is a disk image and, once downloaded, will appear in your Downloads folder.

Once you have a copy of the Sleep Monitor distribution, you do not need to be connected to the Internet to complete the installation.

[Note] Installing Over Older Versions

It is safe to install Sleep Monitor over the top of an existing installation.

[Note] Always Update

We always recommend keeping your installation of Sleep Monitor up-to-date, because we regularly release free updates and improvements to Sleep Monitor.

Sleep Monitor includes an automatic software update mechanism that will warn you about new versions. Alternatively, you can update your version of Sleep Monitor by downloading and installing the latest version over the top of an older version.

Mounting the Sleep Monitor Disk Image

Sleep Monitor is distributed as a disk image. A disk image is a virtual disk that contains a collection of folders and files. To use a disk image, open the file from the Finder. You can double-click the disk image file to open it.

A disk image is ‘mounted’ once it has been opened. The mounted disk image will appear alongside your other devices in Mac OS X’s Finder, much like an external hard disk drive or DVD.

The mounted Sleep Monitor disk image contains the Sleep Monitor application and any release notes. If available, take the time to read the release notes. The notes contain comments about last minute changes or additions to Sleep Monitor. They may also contain specific instructions about the latest distribution of Sleep Monitor.

Copying Sleep Monitor

Copy the Sleep Monitor application from the disk image to your Applications folder. This can be done using the Finder by dragging and dropping the application icon onto the Application folder icon. Alternatively, yo ucan use the Copy and Paste menu items.

You can copy Sleep Monitor to other locations on your Mac but we recommend keeping your applications together in the Applications folder.

Once a copy of Sleep Monitor is in your Mac's Applications folder, you can eject and safely delete the disk image.