Licence Types

Learn about the difference between expiring and perpetual licences.

We offer two different types of licence: expiring and perpetual.

What are expiring licences?

Expiring licences provide full access to the software during the life time of the licence. When the licence expires, you will no longer be able to use the software until a new licence is purchased.

The expiring licences involve a one-time purchase. Payment details are not stored for renewals. There is no automatic renewal or recurring payment.

Shortly before a licence expires, we will e-mail letting you know about the pending expiry. At this point, you can decide to renew the licence or stop using the software upon expiry.

What are perpetual licences?

Perpetual licences provide full access to the software for as long as the software continues to function. If you never update your computer or its operating system, the software will probably work for the useful life time of the hardware.

Perpetual licences come with limited update and upgrade support. Licence holders will receive updates and upgrades for this period only. When the support period ends, the last version of the software released during the support period, is the final version that will accept the licence.

Why does the perpetual licence have an expiry date?

The expiry date on the perpetual licence denotes the end of the included support. The licence will continue to work after this date.

How to tell is a licence is perpetual

We issue licences as X.509 certificates. Perpetual licences include a Certificate Policy entry with the Object Identifier (OID) 1.2.826.0.1.3397571.10.1.2. If this policy is present, then the licence is perpetual and will be accepted after the certificate’s not valid date range.